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Recommendations for a new camera

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Recommendations for a new camera

Post Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:38 pm


I am trying to revamp my own interest in photography by doing enhancing my own skills and simplifying my gear (thinking x100f, a full-frame dslr, a drone and a 360 camera). After more than 15 years in photography I think I needed to hit sort of a reset button.

Hopefully helpful points to consider.
1. I recently got the Fuji X100f and am in love with it. It is the perfect carry everywhere camera and is just right for capturing portraits and events. I took it on a 4 day Indian wedding and the pictures came out just right.I didn't feel constrained by the fixed 35mm lens format but actually liberated. It is 24 megapixel and f/2 max.

2. Over the years, I have upgraded by DSLR from the original Canon EOS to the 40d and over the last 5 years with the 7D. They are all APS-C format. The fuji x100f is also like APS-C.
I am thinking that it is time to clean my closet (I still have all 3 with numerous lenses) and upgrade to a full frame with 1 or 2 good lenses. I will probably take this on my travels, and use the x100f exclusively to shoot at home and neighborhoods. See my gallery to see my travel interest.

3. I am not a professional photographer. I do not make my living off it. But I do love it and something I spend a lot of time on passionately. I sell my prints online and in exhibitions when I get a chance. Mostly I do it for myself and to slowly build up collection of places and stories. Someday when life is not a constraint I hope to pursue it as a sole profession.

Based on the above, I would love to hear thoughts, ideas for Full-frames or even feedback to say the cost is not worth it.

Thanks for the time,
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Re: Recommendations for a new camera

Post Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:58 pm

Any Canons will do :) I like my SD880>>>>

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