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New Nude Galleries

PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, 2003 5:44 pm
by reddog69
I just added some new Images to my nude galleries at

PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, 2003 6:08 pm
by hevezimj
Red Dog,

This comment is not to bag on your nudes, or even judge your choice/style of photography, but I am truly interested to hear your perspective on your work; for instance, your motivations, inspirations, creative approach, equipment, etc.

I've shot once a photo that approached what I would classify as a "nude" and it was pretty indirect.

Personally, for me, I wanted the concept to drive the image, not the "skin." But that is just my own style and approach. In no way am I saying my approach is right or better ... rather just a thought about my own style to the subject. Please don't read into it.

And my purpose for relying to the thread is that I would just like to spur some legitimate and healthy comment on nude photography, its culture, its direction, and yes its place among all styles of photography.

There is no doubt that "sex sells." But in this PBase community, it would I think be very cool to hear some different views about this kind of work and how different photographers approach the whole concept of doing "nudes."



PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, 2003 9:55 pm
by minoltaman
Reddog is also a porn actor. He surely will give you some insight, if you know what I mean. :lol: :lol: :lol: