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Re: Basic HTML codes for PBASE galleries

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 3:36 pm
by powerandbeauty
Is there a way to change the COLOR and/or SIZE of the text in the description box on my album pages like I just did here? I've tried using the HTML code but can't get it to work.

Re: Basic HTML codes for PBASE galleries

PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:28 pm
by laurent1964
hello , is it possible to translate in french ?


A lot of people don´t know very much about HTML codes. But I think that with these few codes we can start learning something more to create special things in our galleries. Note that I´ve said "galleries": this codes won´t work on the forums.

To make them work remember to add this codes in the "description" of your galleries, and remember to check the HTML box.

1.- To center text, link or images:
Code: Select all
<p align="center">

Note that "center" can be changed acording to your desires.
2.- To make a line break (an "enter" in Word language):
Code: Select all

3.- To set the text bold:
Code: Select all
<b> at the begining and </b> at the end
so this code: it is <b>there</b>

should look like this:
it is there

4.- To create a link:
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<a href="http://www.__SELECTED__URL__"> Press here for Link </a>

Note that the second part of the code with the "/" closes the link
For example this
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try to look at <a href="http://www.__SELECTED__URL__">this image</a> and give your opinion

should look like this
try to look at this image and give your opinion

5.- To insert an image:
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<img SRC="">

Note that ".jpg" must be added to the end of the line. Also note that the correct URL does have those elements.
6.- To insert a link in an image, so when you click over the image the link works:
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<a href="http://www.__SELECTED__URL__"><img SRC=""></a>

Note that these last code is a combination from the previous two.

I hope this can help people around here. There are a lot of sites with a lot of other codes but I think these ones are the most useful and the most common. Please correct me if I´m wrong in anything.

Re: Basic HTML codes for PBASE galleries

PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2021 9:08 am
by sueymarky
Would someone please tell me the code... how to make a picture on your page to make like a movie?
To show a slideshow?

Thank you.
sue anne rush