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Re: Default Sizes

PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 1:16 am
by fishit
other sizes: small medium large original : can there be some thing in between large and original, like 1024"

Re: Default Sizes

PostPosted: Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:24 pm
by henrylw
Pbase needs to either improve their resize algorithm or let users to define their own default display size (usually at non-compressed original size). It's been more than ten years the default size still stays at 800px wide. The quality of resizing is absolutely awkward to say the least. I'm seriously considering moving away from pbase. I'm sure many others are thinking the same way or already moved away. I'm not going to renew unless things improve.

Re: Default Sizes

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 2:55 pm
by michelfleury
kevin_ve wrote:This "large" image size is becoming a real deal breaker to me. The viewing experience is extremely sub-optimum on a 30 inch screen, or any reasonable resolution screen for that matter.
In an ideal world, the user / viewer should be able to define the resolution to fit their screen. A compromise would be to at least provide a few higher res choices. I will now begin my search for alternative photo sharing sites... K

Ditto. I'm searching for an alternative to pbase myself because it seems nothing will be done about it now or in the near future. This feature has been requested for several years now and still nothing. I'd be ready to pay more per year for upgrades such as this.

The original size should be at least 200 px. bigger meaning viewers should be able to see the pictures 1000 X 1000 (not 800 X 800) at the least without having to click on an "original" size button or word that's buried somewhere on the screen.

Re: Default Sizes

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 2:59 pm
by michelfleury
emily wrote:We are reading everybody's concerns and keeping them in mind. While the changes mentioned are simple in concept, implementation is always far more complex and takes more time than you would think. Thank you for your input. It gives us a clear idea of what changes you would like. We will be working on solutions to these issues.


Emily, you wrote this in 2011 !!! This feature request can't take that long to implement. Please give us an update on this. If it's not in the works, please just say it so that those who want it can move on and move out instead of waiting for something that may never happen.

Re: Default Sizes

PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 6:52 am
by p_dasgupta
I have been with pbase since 2005, and this is my first feature request. I see this discussion started in 2011 and the last comment was in 2015. Obviously, nothing has happened in all this time. Still I thought I would bump this up one more time. With the increasing use of monitors with high pixel density, it is absolutely essential that more image sizes are made available and the resize algorithm is improved. I particularly like the feature on SmugMug where it not only offers a number of size options, but the site automatically selects the biggest size based on the display size. That way, the person viewing the images does not have to select a size. The quality of their resized images are also much better.

Re: Default Sizes

PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:30 pm
by akmc_in_au
p_dasgupta wrote:I have been with pbase since 2005, and this is my first feature request. I see this discussion started in 2011 and the last comment was in 2015.

Actually it goes back further than that; this was being discussed way back in 2008, a full decade ago. I think something about the likelihood of it happening can be read from the following snippet; of all the people who have participated in this thread, only four have posted on PBase in the last 12 months. Most of the accounts either no longer exist (including the guy who posted this thread) or have been dormant for 3 to 5 years.

A neglected plant will die.

At least upping the display values (plus adding some mobile friendliness to the display) would be like giving it a watering and a shot of fertiliser, but I don't see it happening. The interest just doesn't seem to be there, which is a pity.