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Post Sun May 15, 2016 3:49 pm

I have seen very artful nude photography. I have also seen very un-artful nude photography. A filter system is needed among many other things here, and has been discussed for years with no action taken. It really does seem that no one in the PBase management cares about much of anything. Pbase was a good vision, initially well implemented, but not many 'real' improvements have been made to it.
We can all discuss the validity of styles of nude photography, the morality of it, etc. etc. but since there are many people of different sides of this issue, what is wrong with a filtering system, so as not to drive others with differing views away? It can't be that hard to do? Other sites have it, but then other progressive and expanding sites have mobile viewing enabled in a useful way. Afraid there's not much hope.


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