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HELP! Need ICC Profile for HP Photosmart 8750

PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 3:45 pm
by mnoble
Hi all,

I recently purchased the Lightroom 2.x upgrade. I am using an HP desktop computer running Windows Vista (64-bit) now and when I went to print from the 2.2 version of LR the color was way off. Previously I was printing from LR 1.2 from my laptop with Windows XP. That worked fine. From my research, it appears that I need an ICC profile for the printer. I downloaded and installed the latest software and drivers from HP but there was no install of ICC profiles. So I have been searching far and wide for ICC profiles for this printer. Otherwise I won't be able to print properly from LR 2.2 - and there are some very nice printing features in this app. And FYI, when I print directly from Photoshop (CS3), from the same platform, the color is accurate. Go figure.

No help from HP, NAPP, or anyone else for that matter. Can anyone here help? :(