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Newbie needs advise...please!

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Newbie needs advise...please!

Post Tue Jul 22, 2008 11:10 pm

Okay I just bought a new Nikon D80 and am so excited!!
So my next major purchase will be software for editing and getting really good photos. I'm a decorative painter/faux finisher and am on a journey in learning how to get great pictures of my work. But I know that the printer is going to have a great influence on the pictures I print for my portfolio. I'm also looking into buying a Mac Pro computer.
So here's a few questions....please remember...I'm a painter, not a these may seem like simple questions to most of you. So I'll thank you now for having a little patience! lol
Okay, first off what is the best printer that I can buy for my needs? I will probably want to print 8 x 10 and smaller prints. Of course since color is my world....I need one that is really dead on with color. Also, what kind of paper? What kind of inks and/or pigments?
Thanks a bunch for all of your help!

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Re: Newbie needs advise...please!

Post Sun Aug 03, 2008 3:04 pm

Oh what a coincidence! The message posted by the person above me is the same question to which I was looking for answers. Thanks you saved me from asking them, but it would have been better to see some comments to this because I am also desperately seeking the ideal printer and the consequent advices which can get me rolling. Already there are so many shots that I have captured and I cant get full satisfaction before I get some of them printed. So please help our cause friends.

Board index Equipment Printers Newbie needs advise...please!

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