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How good are continuous ink systems on eBay?

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Post Wed Dec 20, 2006 11:10 am

silbox03 wrote:Hi I am new to this forum and continuous ink system.

First of all, I see somewhere people mention MIS, what is that?

MIS associates which is a company

Secondly, I just got a HP 5440 using 92/93 cartridges. I can't find any US online store carrying CISS for it. I researched online and found that it is a smaller capacity cartridge but same as 94/95 or 96/97. I also emailed a few sellers on eBay and only reply that I can use his CIS that is for 94/95 on my printer. I am just wondering if anyone have recommendations or opinion about any HP CISS they have used before.

No idea about your particular model but if it's anything like the HP K550 or 1100 models then it's already got a CIS style system pre-build into the kit.

The cartridges in this scenario are static and instead you have a printhead (or printheads) that move with a rather stiff tubing that feeds them from the carts.

The cartridges are reasonable enough for standard use but you can choose to find some refillable cartridges with reset chips (some are autoreset type) and refill manually or as I've done for the hell of it, convert them to use a bigger ink supply by adding some fittings, tubing and connecting the cartridges to 250ml bottles of compatible ink.

Works fine but for most people it's overkill and refilling should be plenty unless you print reams of paper per week.
Continuous Ink Supply system reviews, support, etc..

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Post Sun Jan 28, 2007 5:00 am

Thanks for the info. I am going to try selling the HP5440 on craigslist since it uses the 92/93 cartridges and I print a lot each week for my home business and I need to refill the black every 3 days. Not a lot of work but just hassle.

Just bought a HP 4710 using the high capacity 96/97 ink. This one should last a bit longer but if I can find a good CISS, that would work be better. This model also use 94/95 cartridges. Anyone has idea where I can get a reliable system at a reasonable price? Most out there I find are $100-200 and I think for now I'd just refill with syringe until I find something more reasonable, or am I being unreasonable to expect anything cheaper than that?

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Post Fri Jun 01, 2007 7:54 am


Yep, I'm another Newbie, ........and I'm an "old fart".

I have been reading some of the posts in this thread and noted that some of our members do not have a very high opinion of stuff purchased on EBay.

I have not purchased a CIS unit, but have been dealing with a bloke here in Australia who gives exceptional service. I purchased a set of "refillable" cartridges for my cheapie printer (Epson C87+) and have been very impressed with the service and the product he sells.

By "refillable", I mean that these cartridges are specifically designed to be refilled, and come fitted with self resetting chips and easily removable filling plugs that reseal properly. On top of that, they come with 75ml of extra ink and they are only half the cost of the genuine Epson cartridge. To me that is good value.

He sends acknowledgement emails when he receives your order, and when it is dispatched. He is 400 miles away in the next state and generally I have my order back in two working days.

I don't deny that there are some shysters out there and they need to be got rid of as soon as possible, but generally those with EBay shops want repeat business, and they don't like to foul their own nest. Remember, it only takes a couple of bad feedbacks, and their business is shot.

Often it's hard enough for the sellers to make buyers understand that as a rule of thumb, you only get what you pay for. Many buyers have totally unrealistic expectations. They buy a $50 system and then expect the same performance and longevity as a $250 unit.

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Post Fri Sep 07, 2007 2:11 am

From my experience they're quite good. I have been purchasing CIS off ebay now for about 2 years for my Canon (Which I have had 2 of since) and can't complain and there are some great prices. I have referred some friends to also purchase CIS off Ebay and they are happy as well.

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Post Fri Dec 07, 2007 3:54 am

i have a epson 340 and a contin system of ink..
its great but i had tomodify tray to make fit plus since it wasn`t for my model i had to change the chips and use resetter..
but the ones that are made for your system are mainteen free
i print on dvds paper etc photos
i highly recomend them...

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Ebay Ink system

Post Tue Jan 08, 2008 10:23 am

We tried the ebay continuous ink systems for our Photos onto canvas prints and they were useless. Beware as you may also invalidate any warraty you have.

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Re: Ebay Ink system

Post Sun Jan 20, 2008 3:32 pm

themoll wrote:We tried the ebay continuous ink systems for our Photos onto canvas prints and they were useless. Beware as you may also invalidate any warraty you have.

Love that "invalidate warranty" line. Been hearing it as long as I've been purchasing computers/related equipment. Had a BB "non-commissioned" sales associate try to tell me that if I didn't allow the geek squad to install a network card, opened up the case and installed it myself, that my compaq's warranty would be void.

When I showed him the only way he or anyone else would know that I had opened my case would be the broken tape at the rear edge of the case, I guess he got the picture that he wasn't dealing with someone easily intimidated by that malarkey.

If your printer works out of the box, and especially if you've had it a while, it is unlikely to be damaged by non-oem cartridges, especially if you purchase from reputable sources.

That's just a scam brought on by the manufacturers who have a vested interest in maintaining their volume in high margin cartridge sales.


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Post Thu Jan 24, 2008 8:45 pm

Hi there:
I'm new to PBase, but have used an Epson 2200 for the past three or four years. I bought a Media Street Niagra continuous flow ink system and installed it according to the directions. Didn't work. That's when I found out that they don't have support available. Let me be clear, if you send an email they will get back to you. Of course that takes forever and equates to no support.
The continuous flow ink system was plagued with air bubbles. Multiple attempts to clear the bubble resulted in the bubbles being eliminated, only to return before a print could be made. Through it all the cyan ink leaked into the printer. This shorted out the cable, and corroded several parts.
Since the cost to repair was about $500, and the cost to buy a replacement on ebay is about $200. I tossed the printer, the continuous flow system and the remainder of the refill ink.
Moral of the story? Check to see that there is support available before you buy. Do not put the cartridges in the printer until and unless you are sure there is no leakage. Better yet, buy the individual cartridges online for a substantial discount and use those. Good luck.


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