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shooting actors head shots

PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:00 am
by souleye
after a lackluster year at the studio in takoma park, I decided to move. my move was more dictated by the fact the artist next door was making a noise that was unbearable to me and I was unsuccessful in getting him moved. a lady friend told me of a seamstress who had an empty basement that I could rent on 14th street. it was a huge space and what I was paying was about equal to the rent at takoma park. soon enough, I had my first client - an actor who needed headshots. he had booked a shoot for 10 am - early for someone like me who's not a morning person. I came a few minutes late, which I hate to do. client had already arrived and was waiting for me. he was a good looking young man, well built. I learned that he was a dancer and trying to get his hand at acting. I had done only one actors headshots session before and it was in studio but with the many years experience shooting all types of portraits, I was confident I'd pull it off. my technique is to start making my client comfortable. I didn't have any music but you can create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere through conversation. and create an illusion of frantic speed.