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publishing photos in b/w book form

PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:52 pm
by steveprice
I have published a couple of books with Blurb and Apple iPhoto but both companies print using CMYK inks which means b/w images come out with a colour tint - like the days when desktop inkjet printers used to do the same. Neither company can offer a truly b/w publishing service - presumably printing everything CMYK is more cost effective. My question is does anyone have any experience of a company who can publish b/w as b/w.



Re: publishing photos in b/w book form

PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2014 11:22 pm
by steveprice
OK. 4888 views (so far) and no suggestions, so I went out and bought a Canon Selphy CP 910 dye sublimation 6x4 printer and printed out 104 images and put them in albums. I enjoyed doing this even more than publishing them in book form. The dye sublimation prints are excellent and the small size of the prints i.e. 6x4 inches, to my delight, was not an issue. The printer made excellent work of colour and black and white prints. This is a wireless printer so I could print to it from my Mac or my iPhone as well as an SD card. Two tips: (1) printing from an Sd card gives you access to cropping options - I found it essential to use this option. (2) this printer is useless at printing borders even though there is a border option. Even if you put the border on in Pshop it still does not come out even all round. So forget borders and go for the borderless option. (3) make as many prints in one go as possible as turning the printer on and off consumes quite a bit of ink. Recommended.

Nevertheless, I would still be interested in answers to the original question.