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Images Rotated

PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 4:54 pm
by gordg3
Some of my older images that were vertical and displayed correctly until recently are now displaying horizontally. The thumbnails display correctly but when you click on it the actual photo does not it is horizontal. here is an example:

Re: Images Rotated

PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2020 1:03 am
by dw_thomas
Admittedly a few days have gone by, but when I just now clicked on your link, the image appears properly oriented when seen with Firefox 79.0 on Windoze 7 (yeah, I know...). It does NOT orient correctly when viewed with Safari on my iPad with iOS 13.6, yet in a quick check of some of my own stuff from the iPad, things appear correct. Virtually anything I have on PBase has been tweaked, sized and oriented via one or another version of Photoshop Elements.

EDIT: Aha! But the Firefox view was looking at 'Large'; if I select 'Large' on the iPad, it's correct. Selecting 'Original' size in Firefox, the image dimensions are vertical in orientation, but the image is rotated 90ยบ CCW and appears distorted. The same appears to occur on the iPad. Would that I knew exactly what that is trying to tell us! Mayhaps since they added more tricks to deal with mobile devices something is broken. Have you had any communication with The Management here ( It might be worth asking a question or three.

I note in the EXIF data for your example image there is a field labeled: 'Orientation' which shows "Rotate 270 CW". In a quick look at some of mine, that field shows "Horizontal (normal)" for vertical or horizontal aspect, but the 'EXIFImageWidth' and 'EXIFImageHeight' parameters are swapped.

For the few cents it might be worth -- or not -- the problem you describe sounds as though it could be related to a situation outlined in another thread found at ... 67a60f6c0e
The thread started nearly a year ago, but has reared its head since. Several of us have offered some comments that may or may not be useful. I also note that in the most recent post, a user identifies the Chrome browser as a possible culprit.

If you posted the originals direct without editing, I suspect this does get into the discussion in the other forum thread I linked here. One of my frustrations of decades in technology is that standards tend to lag the new and exciting features coming out. As such it feels like being always behind the 8-ball. It certainly is possible that PBase changed something that used to work, maybe without even knowing it. I would think if it's only your older stuff having a problem there would me more reports, as there are plenty of older galleries out here.

(You now know everything I know ...)
Good Luck,

Re: Images Rotated

PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2020 12:32 am
by gordg3
Thank you for the response. I just tried to view them in Internet Explorer and they display correctly. I usually use Firefox so perhaps the problem is with their latest version. I will look at the previous discussion in your link. I really don't to go back and redo the old photos.