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Costa Rica - Monteverde vs La Paz - Treefrogs & Hummingb

PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2007 6:06 pm
by ccraft

I've been to Costa Rica a few times but on my next trip I've decided to spend an extra few days and do a little bit more photography of some of the smaller creatures, hummingbirds and treefrogs.

I'm going to spend most of my time in Corcovado and Maneul Antonio and I'll have time to visit one extra location - either Monteverde or La Paz - I was wondering if anyone has been to both the La Paz hummingbird gardens and frog pond (ranarium) and/or the Monteverde hummingbird gardens and frog pond (ranarium)? What was your experience photography-wise? Which facility is better? I noticed the La Paz photos all show hummingbirds at feeders and not at flowers, but maybe this is just part of their marketing.

I've seen some beautiful tree frog photography done at one of the two ranariums, but the information on the site didn't list if the photography was done at La Paz or at Monteverde. I wrote to that photographer but never heard back. Are the frogs in either ranarium free-roaming (and looking like they are in a natural habitat) or are they in glass aquariums? Also, it appears as though the hummingbird garden at La Paz is indoors (which may be nicer for controlled light) - is this the case?

If you have any other advice about great places to visit for treefrog and hummingbird photography I'd love any information. I've done the frog garden (which is attached to the butterfly garden) at Manuel Antonio and it was excellent and I plan to go back on this trip.

Thank you in advance! Christina