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Hp Camera acting up

Post Sun Sep 07, 2003 8:37 pm

I accidentally left the instruction manual across the country on my way to Europe. Now I have finally got the last of my trip pictures up and can finally clear the Compact Flash card, which I did. it says there are no pictures on it when I try to view. But it won't take any new pictures either.

I uploaded all the pictures using Ulead, the software that came with the camera. Then I deleted all pictures using the same software. Then I reformatted the CF card using the camera's Reformat CF card option.

Now, when i go to take new pictures, the Cf icon continually flashes and I cannot get the camera to react, though the shutter button is working.

Camera is an older HP (215) but has never caused me problems in the past. The CF card is by Black's Photography (128MB) and though I have emptied it twice before by putting it in a card reader, I can't remember ever using the reformat CF feature.

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