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Fuji X10

PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 2:18 pm
by christopheru
Having searched pbase a bit for samples from this camera and not finding a whole lot yet, I thought I would share a link to my gallery and a mini review (solely from my own personal perspective of course) of this camera and how it works in case there is anyone else interested in getting this device. I tried to get sample photographs in a variety of different situations and settings as possible. All samples are "real world" - I don't shoot studio test shots and don't ever shoot in a studio so those sorts of photos won't be in the gallery. I bought the camera as a supplement for my dslr and a take anywhere option. As well, I am working from jpeg mostly at this time until Adobe catches up with the x10 raws. Once that happens, I suspect I will revisit the gallery and add more to it.

So, if this camera interests you, this link has numerous samples: