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results from the Nikkor 28-300mm f3.5-f5.6 zoom

PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 4:41 pm
by mnoble
If you like to travel light - one camera, one lens - this is the lens for you. While it can be a bit slow, when paired with a full frame sensor, you can easily cover 90% over your subjects with this lens. I have used this lens to cover fairs and festivals, reenactments, and now a trip to NYC. I used a D700 with the lens and kept the ISO, for the most part, between 400 and 800. I also used a Black Rapid sling strap which allowed me to easily deploy the camera when need and have it hanging securely at my side when not in use. The results of the day of shooting (well about 20% of the results) are here: