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Nikon Censoring the Web

Post Tue May 04, 2010 3:59 pm

Curious things are happening here in Poland for the last few month Nikon Poland was closing down all Nikon related websites and forums !!!

They started the censor campaign in response to growing popularity of the websites related with frustrated users expressing concerns with the their service center.
one of the websites that had to change their name and domain was dedicated to the service center support:

PolishNikonService >

the next on is a Nikon users board : >

now every website that has a board dedicated to Nikon is told to close it done or legal actions will be taken!

I've been working in Poland for that past couple of years in marketing department where we use mostly Nikon gear.

Had an opportunity to check out the authorized Nikon center in action and I can confirm with many many concerns of other users.

the service is atrocious - cameras have to go back few times, two tree week for diagnostics, changing the rubbers on body+lens costs almost three (3x) they charge in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic centers

Don't read polish myself but that what is there for :)

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