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What a choice! ...but it's not a little too much?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:48 pm
by paninic
Incredible but in two months many news cameras "ll be on the market. using the same micro four-third sensor with 12 M pixels and interchangeable lenses system. Olympus three months after the Pen E-P1 as created a new Pen E-P2 and a month after an EPL1 . Panasonic Lumix, has also the same strategy because after the Lumix G1 ( not bad ) and the Lumix GH1 of last year, has announced for this month two new cameras, the Lumix G2 and The Lumix G10!!!! with the same body and performances very similar.....
It is really difficult now, to do the good choice ( and it's for me the problem because I'ld change this year my Lumix FZ8....) if the life of a camera is only of several weeks......before being outdate...and there is also the strange feeling to be a consummer not very respected...
What are you thinking of that...? What is better to do , to buy the new one or the last one, old from some little days ( quite the same at half price...)
When I ' ve bought my "old" Canon AE1 in 1978, it was more easy... It was top for 10-15 years and with is great quailty lenses, still performing now ( I've made nice pictures with it last week......) Sure it's was an other time.... :)

Re: What a choice! ...but it's not a little too much?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:17 pm
by toosnvetts
I think the camera manufacturers are going the way of the big auto companies, just trying to put out new merchandise as fast as they can. Even the Pro level camera models are being replaced very frequently. I am no pro, just having fun with photography so I just ignore all the madness I am hearing. I upgraded from a Canon 350D to a Canon 1D Mark III about a year ago and I cannot see any reason to change that body any time soon. There may be Pros that require certain, very specific features but I can't imagine any enthusiasts having to change bodies every year or two. I would like to hear what some of the Pros think about this kind of marketing as well. :roll: