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D80 with AF 50mm f1.4D

PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2008 9:10 am
by kenc16
Hi Guys, i just got my new 50mm f1.4D. I like this lens in producing low light photograph, especially moving objects and portrait. Now i got a problem, can anybody tell me how am I using the f/1.4 ring? When the lens is attached with my D80 turned the ring to f/1.4 and there is a error shows on my info screen (in Nikon) as F/EE. I read through the menu book for D80, said this is due to the lens is not lock on the particular frame, but on the lens f16 only can be use for shoting.

So, how do I fully used on this lens? or it is the default for the lens on this frame which must turn to f/16 and lock? or else, how come it allow the frame ring to be turn which not able to use on DX or it is just for FX?

Re: D80 with AF 50mm f1.4D

PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2008 2:01 pm
by prinothcat
Unless I miss my guess, you are shooting in one of the modes with every thing set at the camera. If so there should be a mark on the aperture ring, to indicates where to set it for camera provided settings. For Nikon it's probably at f/22. there may also be a small tab that locks the ring so that it does not move while you use the camera to set the lens based on it's internal meter. In order to use this lens in full manual mode, you need to unlock this aperture ring and override all of the cameras computer generated values. F/EE basically means the camera is trying to set the lens based on it's internal meter and programming, while you have the lens set for full manual. In order to use the lens the way I understand you wish to, you want to set you camera for aperture priority, in which case you use the command dial to set an aperture value and the camera decides to set the shutter sped for a given lighting situation. Basically on a modern DSLR, you no longer need the aperture ring, which is why Nikon removed them on all of the G series lenses. On your particular lens, just lock it to f/22 and use the command dials on the camera to set your exposure. Your cameras manual should give a description of how the command dials are used in various exposure modes.
Hope this helps, Chris