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Wideangle (28mm) Capable Digicams

PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2003 1:46 am
by rents
Does anyone know any? Or if there is even such a thing, because I can't seem to find one. =\

PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2003 3:06 am
by bobtrips
Minolta D7/D7i/D7Hi.

There may be some more. Take a look at the Buying Guide at and see if you can't specify minimum focal length.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2003 2:35 am
by jseah
take a digital SLR (Canon 10D, 1D, 1Ds, D30, D60, Nikon D100) and slap a wide angle lens on it (for the 1D and 1Ds, a 28mm, for the remainder, a 16 mm).

Digital point and shoot with 28

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2003 4:38 am
by mccphoto
This is probably too late but, and I am presuming that you are looking for a point and shoot, try the Nikon Coolpix 5000/5400 as well. Not only does it give you 28mm but shoots incredible closeups without the need for extension tubes. Minolta has a greater zoom range but is also slightly bulkier than the 5000/5400 and cannot focus as close.

I owned a Minolta 7 and then a coolpix 5000 and over the past few years found both are quite good.

Take BOBTRIPS advice and check out . You can do a side by side comparison on these cameras and any others that are available with the wider lenses. :D

wide-angle digicams

PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2003 6:35 am
by skirkp
The Coolpix 5000 is on its way to becoming a cult item. Because the successors use a smaller imaging chip, their lenses are different (shorter focal length). The 19mm converter lens available for the 5000 -- which was awesome in its quality -- doesn't work for the successors, such as the 5400. So for buildings, interior shots, and really wide scenery, get a 5000 while they are still available. I have a 5000 and a 5700 (the 5400 works pretty much like the 5700) and prefer the 5000 for most uses.


PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2003 6:08 pm
by minoltaman
I own the Minolta 7hi and have found it to be a great camera. If I were you though I would wait for the Sony 828. An 8mp one grand beauty that will be out soon.