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Where is ACDSee Categories saved?

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Where is ACDSee Categories saved?

Post Wed Jan 19, 2005 2:41 am

The categories are quite useful, but there's no point spending time assigning 9000+ photos if all is lost next time I reinstall my operating system. How can I get to the database file and make a backup? For some reason I can't get a straight answer from the ACD so-called intelligent cyber-online-faq-agent or watchumacallid.

I'm using ACDSee Powerpack 5

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Post Wed Jan 19, 2005 2:56 am

Oh... this is my first time at this site, and I just realized that my username might offend someone...

That's not my intention. I just found the character name too silly and absurd not to use in some way - now I probably get sued or something for violating copyright laws as it is a character form the 40's cliffhanger series "The Mysterious Doctor Satan" played by Eduardo Cianelli, whoever that is.

But neverless... his evil contraptions - especially the rather slow moving robot with the obligatory black eye-slit that sort of held people to death - still managed to evade my childhood nightmares back in the early eighties.

That said, I hope for forgiveness by anyone offended and tolerance as well for those who find this way off topic :D

Now, answer my question, please.

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Post Wed Jan 19, 2005 7:34 am

Believe me there are more offensive names than Dr Satan...

I quit using ACDSEE after the version 4.0 fiasco so I'm not sure. But I think under tools->Options there was a selection that allowed you to set where the database is. It was called "imagedb.ddf" (I think).

But I can tell you how to find it pretty easily. Add a new picture or edit something in the database. Then use the advanced search function in windows to search files changed by date and time. It should come up and be pretty obvious. I would try the search first in My Documents if nothing is found then try the whole drive.

Good luck...

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mystery solved

Post Mon Apr 04, 2005 8:10 am

The database and any personalized layouts of the program is stored at "documents & settings/"username"/application data/ACD systems"

NB! "application data" is a "hidden" file.

The folder may be quite large - I've got 13.000+ photos (15,7GB) and my ACD Systems folder is 420 MB.

But you can easily insert the folder after reinstallation as long as you remeber to use the same profile name and don't begin to fiddle with the pictures in between you have copied from the old OS and the new system is installed.

PS. There may be some import/export wizard, but I like doing things myself.

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Re: Where is ACDSee Categories saved?

Post Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:02 pm

I abdicate application ACDSEE afterwards the adaptation 4.0 abortion so I'm not sure. But I anticipate beneath tools->Options there was a alternative that accustomed you to set area the database is. It was alleged "imagedb.ddf"..

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