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DxO Optics pro RAW converter

PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2009 6:07 pm
by crisscross
I have only recently come across this and feel it is a little gem deserving wider use. It is available on 14-28day free trial.

The difference on this software is that the lab test out 'hundreds' of most camera bodies and lenses, analyse their characteristics and 'reverse engineer' corresponding compensation algorithms. Especially good for widish angle lenses barrel distortion, which is corrected fully automatically once you have loaded the data for the lens.

I have tried it out against DPP, Aperture & Capture One for some piggish shots from the year I had a 350D and it wins easily, teasing the rather elusive colour from some of the poorer lit shots. I also tried it against Nikon Capture NX2 for some difficult shots from my D80, perhaps ones I originally edited using 1.2 or 1.3 and it stands up well and fully corrects the 18-135 kit lens.

The interface is a little frivolous, though 10 minutes in funereal Capture One quickly makes one appreciate that, but intuitive to use. I thought that the Aperture 5 point levels correction was the ultimate in basic light optimisation (not shadows, an additional module in both), but the DxO 'lighting' is magical in comparison.

I wouldn't let any of these progs touch my organisation, but again for the minimum storage need of the intermediate tif file, DxO can be set to return to folder of origin with your chosen suffix, whereas you have to fight Aperture very inch of the way.

None of these progs has faciities for editing selected areas of an image, so only a pre process before finishing (in NX2 for me)

Re: DxO Optics pro RAW converter

PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 5:24 pm
by nelu_goia
Hi there,
I`ve used this software for a while, alongside with CaptureOne 4.6 and Lightroom 2. There are also several good information sources on the net regarding this comparison but here are my personal conclusions:
1. DxO Optics Pro is by far the slowest of the triad.
2.The geometry correction (lens correction) is the best of all three.
3.The workflow is somehow cumbersome compared to CaptureOne and Lightroom.
4.IT DOES NOT OPEN .DNG FILES from PhotoAcute, which I use for my HDR work all the time!!
5.This software is not a waste of time but a good way to spend it,for fun. I don`t have that time.
6. Now I`m established at Lightroom and Photoshop because they work perfectly together and sometimes, when I really need speed I use CaptureOne, for which the “Auto” settings simply rock.
Just my two penny thoughts…

Re: DxO Optics pro RAW converter

PostPosted: Fri Jan 03, 2014 3:36 pm
by crisscross
DxO has matured considerably, now on v9.1 and is far more than just a converter and the interface and recording of your every move quite competent.

For those wanting an alternative to the Adobe heavyweight ring, I now recommend it as it has a modest price tag (slightly more for 'elite' + full-frame cameras), but extremely intuitive and especially powerful at getting the best out of the shadows. More-or-less stand-alone, but you do need a supplementary programme for eg clone/stamp and to use FocusMagic as a plug in. On mac, the modestly priced GraphicConverter, is ideal and also as an alternative for file organisation to Bridge. No point in doing intro galleries, as the manual, support and forums do it all.