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Help Encoding vague number in photo

PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:12 am
by advan1986
Hey there

I am a newbie here, so my excuse to immediately interrupt you with a question.
For my work I have a competition-game. For this competition I need to encode a number which is hidden in a picture. I found where the number is hidden, but I am not good in editing the picture so that I can encode it clearly. That is because the number is a little bit vaque. I tried Photoshop, picture manager and also but for me it has no positive effect in encoding this number with 10 digits. It starts with 06 and ends with 11650 I think. I hope some of you can help me reading this number. Here are the pictures:
The overwiew (Number is right next to the desk)
Cutted out of the overview

Many thanks in advance.

If you want some more information please feel free to contact me.